Bellsmyre Development Trust is a community organisation
Created by local people
The Trust started life out of the hopes and dreams of local people. In partnership with The Big Lottery we consulted the local community to discuss what would make Bellsmyre a better place.  The main themes that came out of these conversations were around having more to do in the local area and a new community centre.  The Trust now employs a team of staff to coordinate more activities within Bellsmyre and to oversee the building of a new custom designed community centre.

Managed by local people
The newly established organisation is governed by local people.  Our Board is made up of 12 Volunteer Trustees from within the community and/or representatives of local businesses.  The Board work with the Trust Manager to design and implement the process of improving the levels and quality of community engagement, active participation and personal development within the local neighbourhood.

For the benefit of local people
​Bellsmyre Development Trust exists to improve the opportunities available to local people.  We aim to design and deliver a range of cross generational initiatives.  We will also look to provide specific activities aimed at school children, young people, working families and senior citizens.
Central to the long term planning will be the building and operation of a new purpose built community centre where residents can meet, undertake training and participate in a range of activities. This new community owned and managed centre will include a community cinema, a community cafe and multi-purpose areas as well as providing office space, services and resources for the use of partner organisations and the general public.