5 Year Evaluation

During October we undertook a 5 year Evaluation of Bellsmyre Development Trust and The Cutty Sark Centre. We received over 320 responses and would like to give a huge thanks to every one of the local people who took the trouble to complete the survey.  This level of response is much higher than most community initiatives would normally achieve and the varied, thoughtful and complementary comments along with practical and valid suggestions were most welcome.


In particular it was also very encouraging to hear local people feeling so enthusiastic and positive about their community and the many, generous comments about the staff and facilities of the Cutty Sark Centre.  It is very gratifying to know that so many of you feel so passionately about the activities, events and initiatives that have been created over the past few years.

The Final Report can be found below. Please note hard copies are also available at the Centre. Alternatively if you would like an electronic version emailed to you contact allisondonnelly@bellsmyretrust.org.uk