Bringing residents

and opportunities


Following the escalation of the Coronavirus Pandemic and the latest advice and guidance from the local and national government regarding public health, safety and social distancing, we have taken the heartbreaking decision to suspend all group activities, social and party bookings and scheduled thematic events within the Cutty Sark Centre for the time being and until further notice.


The staff of the Bellsmyre Development Trust will continue to man the centre a provide a contact information service to our community and hopefully be ready to implement any locally derived solutions and services for people during this period of uncertainty.


We will also remain ready to react to requests for bespoke initiatives that may be required to support the most vulnerable in our community as well as making our facilities available for any emergency situations that may occur during this time.


Thanks to everyone for their support, patience and understanding of this decision which was not reached lightly, apologies to everyone who has been inconvenienced in the short term, but hopefully we will return and recover to provide a range of extensive services and activities sooner rather than later.


We truly hope that Bellsmyre can utilise the tremendous community spirit built up over the past few years to survive and thrive beyond this horrific epidemic.


please stay safe and continue to heed the advice regarding personal and family safety.


With best wishes from the BDT family

Bellsmyre Development Trust exists to support the residents of Bellsmyre towards engaging with, participating in and developing their local neighbourhood. We believe Bellsmyre is full of great people and great potential.  We aim to bring residents and opportunities together

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